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Brief Vigrx Plus Review

This penis enlargement pill was originally designed as a natural supplement that works to increase the length and girth of your penis, provide rock hard erections and increase your sex drive. The original VigRX formula was created over 6 years ago by Albion Medical, and just recently 3 new key ingredients were added to create a new and improved formula called VigRx Plus.

This new formulation contains 3 new ingredients including Tribulus, Damiana, and Bioperine. The addition of these 3 new ingredients inside of VigRx Plus are designed to intensify sexual pleasure, prevent premature ejaculations, increase stamina, and provide longer lasting erections. Bioperine is the key ingredient inside of VigRx Plus that works to increase the absorption rate of all the ingredients inside of the pill. Basically, the addition of Bioperine makes this pill work faster and better than before.

How Does Vigrx Plus Work?

The size of your penis is directly related to the size of your corpora cavernosa chamber inside your penile shaft. When arousal occurs, your corpora cavernosa chamber fills with blood to the maximum level until you achieve a full erection. Thus, the size of your penis is limited by the size of your erectile chamber (corpora cavernosa).

VigRx capsules contain scientifically formulated herbal concentrates obtained from Europe, China, and South America. These natural herbs work to increase the blood flow to your penile chamber which allows your erectile tissue mass to expand as a result. Once your erectile tissue mass begins to enlarge, you will experience rock hard erections that are longer, thicker, and last longer than before.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

All of the ingredients inside of this pill are natural herbal concentrates that are found in South Amercia, Europe, and China. Here is a description of a few key ingredients inside of this formula.

  • Damiana - Natural aphrodisiac that has been used for centuries by the Mayans. This herb has shown the ability to increase sexual desire, improve erectile function, and enhance sexual pleasure as well.

  • Ginkgo Bilboa Leaf - This little ingredient works to increase the blood flow into your erectile chamber. This ingredient gives you fuller and harder erections and improved blood circulation to the genitals.

  • Tribulus Terrestris - This is one of the three new ingredients found inside of VigRx Plus. This ingredient works to treat sexual dysfunction and increase sex drive in men. It has beens found to increase the level of luteinising hormone levels (LH) thus improving the level of testosterone in the body as well.

  • Bioperine - This is the key ingredient that makes VigRx Plus work so efficiently. This natural herb works to increase the absorption rate of all of the ingredients inside the VigRx formula. This makes this penis pill work faster than most of the male enhancement products available.


  1. VigRx Plus puts more emphasis on increasing sex drive and hardness than other penis pills available. Most of the men that have tried this product were very pleased with their new-found sexual desire and stamina.

  2. Company provides real video testimonials from men that have tried VigRx. Before and after photos are also provided to document the success of users of this pill.

  3. Only Vigrx Plus penis pill  that contains Bioperine. This ingredient causes the pill to work faster and more efficiently than other male enhancement pills.

  4. VigRx Plus is one of the only male enhancement products that have gone through a clinical study.


  1. This product (VigRX Plus) can't be found in your local stores. You can only get it from the company's web site.

  2. VigRX Plus is a little more Cheap than other pills such as Vimax and Prosolution. However, their ingredients are higher quality and are worth the couple extra bucks in our opinion.

Free Bonuses

The company that manufactures this product provides some excellent free bonuses with every purchase.

  • Free Shipping

  • Discreet Packaging To Ensure Privacy

  • Free Bottle of Nexus Pheromones (Attract Females)

  • Free Semenax Ejaculation Volume Booster

VigRx Plus Review Conclusion

There are many penis enhancement pills on the market to choose from, but you won't find many that actually provide clinical proof that their product actually works. VigRx Plus has a proven track record and is manufactured by a reputable company. Most of the user reviews on this penis pill have been very positive and results can be seen within the first week. We highly recommend it to all our visitors looking for a dramatic improvement in their sex life.




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