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    SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Extender / Device Review
Distributed By:

Permenda LTD
Park Lane Business Centre
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Great Britain

Brief Penis Enlargement System Review

SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement system that was developed to increase the length and girth of the penis naturally. This penile extender was originally developed by a team of doctors as a safe alternative to penile surgery, but now it is used as an effective method for permanent penis enlargement that is safe to use.

This male enlargement system uses a two-step approach that combines a high quality penis extender with the #1 rated penis exercise program (PenisHealth) into one complete system. Size Genetics claims that by combining two different enlargement methods into one system, men can greatly increase their speed and level of results.

The SizeGenetics system has been rated the #1 penis enlargement product in 2005 and 2007 by consumers, and has been featured in the May 2008 edition of GQ Magazine as the "best way for quick and permanent penis enlargement."

How Does The SizeGenetics System Work?

Penis Extender - The extender works by assisting your body's natural ability to grow under physical influence by using the principle of traction. While your penis is being exposed to gentle traction, the cells in your erectile chamber will divide and then multiply to accomodate for the steady traction.

This process increases your erectile tissue mass which results in a much longer, thicker, and harder penis. In addition to increasing size, this device is also very effective for straightening penile curvatures as well.

Penis Exercises - Included with SizeGenetics is a penis exercise program (PenisHealth). This program includes different techniques that target different areas of penis enhancement such as length, girth, hardness, penile curvatures, and ejaculation control. Penile exercises can take as little as 7 minutes a day, and are a great complement to the Size Genetics extender. Combining these two methods give this system a well-rounded approach.

>> Click Here To Visit Official SizeGenetics Web Site <<


  1. SizeGenetics is one of the only penis enlargement systems that have actually gone through a clinical study to prove that it really can add permanent size to your penis.

  2. This company provides men with a no-questions asked 6-month guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. If you're not completely happy, then just simply return it.

  3. The Size Genetics extender is one of the only certified type 1 medical devices that carry a CE stamp by the European Health Authorities to ensure quality and safety.

  4. Company provides many user testimonials with hand-written reviews and before-and-after photos to document their success with this system.


  1. This system can't be purchased in stores. Only available from company web site.

  2. This penis enlargement system might be too expensive for men that are looking for a cheap solution. However, you get what you pay for with SizeGenetics. If you really want to increase your penis size safely, then the results with this system should be worth every penny. Many of our visitors have used it with great success already.

What Is Included With The SizeGenetics System?

  • Size Genetics Extender (Includes Travel Leather Case, Secrecy Lock, and DVD)

  • Penis Exercise Program (Over 300 + Multimedia Videos, Pictures, and Diagrams)

  • Love Centria Better Sex Guides (2 Disc DVD Set and 54+ Online Videos With Over 200 Different Better Sex Techniques. Hear From Women What They Really Want)

  • Seductive Massage DVDs

  • Free Shipping and Discreet Packaging

  • Leather Travel Case

  • Seduction Secrets E-Book

Product Guarantee - (6 Months)

One of the things that impressed us the most about this system is their 6-month guarantee. Most products only come with 30-60 day guarantees. This shows us that Size Genetics has confidence in their system, and they're willing to make your decision to try their product risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied with your results, then just simply return it.

SizeGenetics Review Conclusion

Overall, we feel this system gives men the best option for adding permanent size gains in the shortest period of time. This product is completely safe to use and is one of the only male enlargement systems that have been clinically proven to work. Remember, the results are guaranteed for a full six months.

>> Click Here To Order SizeGenetics <<


  Which Penis Enlargement Options Are Available?
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So don't worry. choose the best method for you and get the best penis enlargement today!

Current size (in.):
Months Usage:
You will measure (in.):

Note: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm

Calculations based on our average growth rate using
penis enlargement system.

Pills FAQ
This is an often-asked question, how can a pill enlarge on penis?
Consuming penis enlargement pills gives stimulant development of erectile chambers leading more blood to be held, and make a longer and ticker erection. It is a simple science with astounding effect....

Is consuming penis enlargement pills safe?
It is quite safe because they have non-prescriptive ingredients, which is consisting mostly of natural herbs....
    Read more....
Device FAQ
How does a penis enlargement extender work?
Using the extenders is working-out your penis. It is applying a constant tension to the penis. Your body can adapt under stress....

Why Choose SizeGenetics™ System?
We offer you the extenders with manual exercises which will help the optimal enlargement....
     Read More....
Exercises FAQ
Does Penis Enlargement Exercises really work?
Yes! We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are so confident that our program works that we offer a massive 100% 6 Month Guarantee....

What benefits can I expect to see?
Many of our customers have reported size increases of up to 3 inches in both erect and flaccid length and girth....

Can I take other products whilst performing my routine?
You can take supplements such as pills or penis stretching devices....

Can I get surgery to help enlarge my penis size?
Although you can enlarge your penis size through surgery, it is by far the most expensive method currently available....
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