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    Mild Impotence Can Be Cured Naturally With Penis Enlargement 

Impotence can result from a wide variety of problems. When a man begins having this problem repeatedly, he should see a doctor. The doctor will want to rule out the possibility of disease, injury, or side effects from medicine.

There are two basic causes of impotence:

* Effects related to physically related diseases (Such as drugs and diabetes).
* Psychological

It is estimated that 50-60% of diabetic men have erectile dysfunction. For diabetics, attention must be paid to a diabetic neuropathy - the loss of vibratory sensations of the lower extremities.

Bladder dysfunction is correlated with erectile dysfunction. Parkinson's disease and temporal lobe abnormalities are contributing factors too. Men suffering from stroke and alcoholism are at very high risk because of damage to the testicles in chronic alcoholism and the loss of testosterone.

Aging is a tremendous factor in erectile dysfunction, often related to a decrease in male hormones. Chronic renal insufficiency is another potential cause. Many drugs used to treat high blood pressure that comes with chronic renal insufficiency can cause erectile dysfunction, and many drugs by themselves cause it.

Recreational drugs are a major cause of erection problems. The number one drug is tobacco. Experiments show that even two cigarettes will markedly decrease the blood flow to the penis if smoked before sex. Marijuana and alcohol are also big causes of erection problems. Prescription drugs are also a big culprit, especially those used for treatment of high blood pressure. The major problem drugs include:

* Estrogen: for men with prostate cancer.
* Antiandrogens (flutamide): for men with prostate cancer.
* Lupron: prostate cancer drug.
* Proscar: for men with enlarged prostates, can decrease the volume of ejaculate.
* Diuretics: for men with heart disease and hypertension.
* Methyldopa: older treatment for blood pressure.
* Beta blockers: for heart disease and hypertension.
* Calcium Channel Blockers: new treatments for hypertension.
* Tranquilizers.
* Decongestants.
* Seizure Medications.
* Drugs to lower Cholesterol.
* Cimetidine: a drug for ulcers.
* Digoxin- a drug for heart failure.

Treatment Options

Today's medical advancements have allowed successful treatments of impotence through a variety of alternatives. A man and his partner no longer have to deal with the void of sexual displeasure's.

Currently, one of the best methods for overcoming impotence is a simple exercise that when performed on a daily basis, greatly increases the blood circulation to the penis resulting in longer lasting and stronger erections. These exercises also help to enlarge the penis.


  Which Penis Enlargement Options Are Available?
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Note: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm

Calculations based on our average growth rate using
penis enlargement system.

Pills FAQ
This is an often-asked question, how can a pill enlarge on penis?
Consuming penis enlargement pills gives stimulant development of erectile chambers leading more blood to be held, and make a longer and ticker erection. It is a simple science with astounding effect....

Is consuming penis enlargement pills safe?
It is quite safe because they have non-prescriptive ingredients, which is consisting mostly of natural herbs....
    Read more....
Device FAQ
How does a penis enlargement extender work?
Using the extenders is working-out your penis. It is applying a constant tension to the penis. Your body can adapt under stress....

Why Choose SizeGenetics™ System?
We offer you the extenders with manual exercises which will help the optimal enlargement....
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Exercises FAQ
Does Penis Enlargement Exercises really work?
Yes! We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are so confident that our program works that we offer a massive 100% 6 Month Guarantee....

What benefits can I expect to see?
Many of our customers have reported size increases of up to 3 inches in both erect and flaccid length and girth....

Can I take other products whilst performing my routine?
You can take supplements such as pills or penis stretching devices....

Can I get surgery to help enlarge my penis size?
Although you can enlarge your penis size through surgery, it is by far the most expensive method currently available....
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